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White Wedding Gown Styles for Traditional Brides - Relationships - Love

Most western women wear white on their wedding days. Even brides who are taking their second stroll down the aisle often opt for a white bridal gown. Like all traditions, the white wedding is open to interpretation. Historians tell us that the custom began in 1840 when Queen Victoria married Prince Albert.

Before that time, English monarchs rarely wore white. But when the most powerful woman on earth wore a white gown, for better or worse, she started a fashion trend. The white gown soon became a symbol of innocence, chastity, and devotion. Inspired by their storybook romance, the Victorian Era was responsible for many of our contemporary symbols of love. One of them is the white wedding.

Embraced almost immediately by the elites of society, it took more than a century for middle class brides on both sides of the Atlantic to adopt the trend. As any sociologist could tell you with a shrug of his shoulders, there is really no easy explanation for how or why a trend becomes a tradition. The English and American brides who wore white en masse after WWII had very little in common with Queen Victoria. But maybe that was the point, that every woman deserves to be treated like a queen on her wedding day.

Popular Wedding Dress Styles

It is also important to note that the first white wedding gowns were worn as symbols of wealth. After all, only a wealthy couple could afford a dress that was too ornate to be washed and therefore could only be worn once. Even today, the average white wedding dress costs nearly one thousand dollars and is only worn for about eight hours. Designer dresses often cost three or four times as much.

Because white is the most popular color, brides can choose from a number of interesting styles. Though white is a traditional color, it hasnt stopped designers from experimenting with contemporary styles. Let us take a moment to review a few of the most popular white wedding dresses.


Silhouettes are popular with brides who have put in their time at the gym. They hug every curve and show off a fabulous figure. Because they are lighter and more comfortable, silhouettes can be worn through the ceremony, the reception, and may even be worn again. They are frequently found at more casual affairs, often during the summer months where the comfort of the bride is of is of paramount importance.

Ball Gowns

For more traditionally-minded women, a ball gown is a classic pick, though not without its flaws. On the plus side, they help brides with less than perfect figures achieve an attractive, classic shape due to the rigidity of their design. Yes, these gowns are quite heavy and restrictive, which is why many brides change out of them into more comfortable dresses for the reception. Though they will only be worn by the original bride once, their sturdy construction and design means that they can be passed on to a daughter or a daughter-in-law.

Mermaid Style Gowns

These gowns first became popular in the 1950s, shortly after the idea of the white wedding became attractive to western women. What is the appeal? Once again, these are not particularly comfortable dresses, but they are designed that way because they are made for only one day. The mermaid style gown gives a bride with a slightly larger lower half the ability to conceal her thighs and hips in a tight- fighting dress. As you might expect, it often takes her a bit longer to get down the aisle because she has to take much smaller steps, though the design is often quite flattering.

Tea-Length Dresses

With wedding costs rocketing into the stratosphere, millions of couples are planning more causal wedding. A wedding that takes place in a garden, the backyard or on the beach can save thousands. One reason for the cost savings is that the attire is often less intricate, especially when it comes to the wedding gown. A tea-length wedding dress is perfect for the outdoors or for a casual summer ceremony.

Grecian Gowns

Modern women rarely wear formal gowns. There are really only a handful of occasions where she might be required to put one on. As a result, finding a flattering fit can be difficult. Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but when designers make their dresses, they often use models. The only problem is that the average woman doesnt have that body type. For the rare young bride who is tall, well-proportioned, and relatively small-busted, a Grecian gown will make her look her best. Inspired by the columns of ancient Greek architecture, a bride who can pull off this cut will have every eye on her.

For most contemporary brides, choosing a white wedding dress is a no-brainer. Use these tips to help you pick out that perfect number for your special day.

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LDS Wedding Gowns Choosing Accessories for LDS Wedding Gowns Part Three of Three - Relationships - Weddings

LDS Wedding Gowns Choosing Accessories for LDS Wedding Gowns Part III of Three Choosing the Perfect Accessories for LDS Wedding Gowns

LDS Brides shouldnt go into a bridalwear retailer unprepared. Have you heard stories of someone who went to a car dealership just to browse and ended up walking away having bought a car? Scoff if you want, but unless you know what you want and youre prepared, the same thing might end up happening to you.

When going to a wedding formalwear store, there are several essential items you should bring wedding dress shopping. But the most important item is one or two trusted friends. They can give their honest opinions and help you to keep from making an impulsive decision you might regret. Ideally, your mother and your maid of honor should accompany you they will probably be flattered that youre including them in such a monumental decision.

If you dont already have garments but plan to receive your endowment before your wedding day, try to bring an endowed person with you who can advise you about whether or not particular dresses will offer enough coverage for your garments on your wedding day.

Types and Styles of Wedding Shoes Choosing wedding shoes is an integral part of LDS wedding planning, and the importance of bridal shoes really shouldnt be underestimated. They need to be stylish, but even more than that, they need to be comfortable. Youll be on your feet for most of the day, taking pictures and dancing at the reception, and who wants to start out their honeymoon with blisters and sore feet?

The average wedding shoe has about a 2 heel, but it really depends on personal preference. If you feel comfortable getting around in stilettos and you like the way they look, then nothing says you shouldnt wear them on your wedding day. Just remember that if the height of the groom is an issue, you need to be careful so that you arent towering over him in all of your wedding pictures.

Brides choose all sorts of shoes for their wedding day, from comfy ballet flats to decadent stilettos, open-toe to closed-toe. If you have a long dress and your shoes wont show much, it may be a good idea to opt for comfort over style (remember Annies white wedding sneakers in Father of the Bride.)

LDS Wedding Checklist for the LDS Brides EnsembleAll of the things you need to put together your bridal outfit for your wedding day can be pretty confusing, so it may be helpful to jot them down with a wedding checklist for the bride.Make sure that your checklist includes obvious items like dress, veil, and shoes, but also other aspects you may forget in all the commotion of wedding planning such as jewelry, hair accessories, stockings, and undergarments.

Bridal Jewelry for LDS Weddings to complete your LDS Wedding Gowns ensemble The finishing touch for a bridal ensemble is her jewelry, so make sure that yours says who you are without overpowering the rest of your outfit.

The wedding day jewelry that you choose should be timeless and classic, so that you dont look back at it in 15 years and ask, What was I thinking? It should also coordinate with your LDS wedding gown and hairstyle, as well as with the jewelry and dresses of the bridesmaids.

Youll wear your wedding ensemble for only one day of your life, but it will last forever in pictures. Your appearance should be a visual representation of the beauty of your marriage, so its only natural that putting together your wedding dress, veil, shoes, and jewelry will take several months of careful planning.

Shopping for LDS Wedding gowns or modest wedding dress can be expensive, and finding a modest wedding dress is sometimes difficult, but know that in the end all your hard work will pay off.For tips on sewing your own wedding and wearing a homemade LDS wedding gown. But only if everyone involve is sure what they can or can not successfully accomplish in creating and sewing a beautiful hand made LDS Wedding Gown.

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Please see Part I and II of this three Part series on LDS Wedding Gowns

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Altering Modest Wedding Dresses to become LDS Wedding Gowns - Relationships - Weddings

Expert Tips on Altering Modest Wedding Dresses for Modesty to become appropriate for LDS Weddings (LDS Temple Wedding)

Modest wedding dresses are few and far between, and LDS Wedding Gowns for LDS Temple Wedding especially difficult to find if you live in an area where there aren't many modest wedding gown retailers that cater to Latter-day Saints. One option, often selected by LDS brides with no other choice, is to buy a dress that comes close to being modest and having it altered by a seamstress. Doing this is trickier than it sounds, so make sure that you follow some general wedding dress alteration guidelines.

Not All Wedding Dresses Can Become Modest LDS Wedding Gowns

If you buy a dress planning to add sleeves or otherwise modify it for modesty, you need to be very careful. Certain types of wedding dresses lend themselves well to such modifications, while others don't. You can't just buy any old dress you like and expect a tailor to be able to add sleeves that look like they were always part of the dress.

When you choose any wedding dress, your deposit is generally non-refundable. Having to pass up the dress and lose your deposit, or even returning a dress after you've paid in full, can be pretty painful on top of all the other expenses of a wedding.

Bring the Seamstress Wedding Dress Shopping

The best way to avoid unpleasant surprises is to bring the tailor with you when you go dress shopping. They will be able to tell you at a glance which dresses can be modified and which ones can't. They will examine seams and hems to tell you exactly what they can and can't do with the dress.

Even in cases where sleeves and other coverage can't be added, there are other solutions like adding a shawl, wrap, or stylish short jacket to foster modest wedding gown standards. Don't discount the possibilities for no-sew solutions as they apply to modest wedding dresses.

Hiring a Tailor with experience with LDS Wedding Gowns

Since they only get one shot at creating the perfect LDS wedding dress for you, the selection of your tailor is crucial. Compile a list of potential seamstresses and ask one:

Do you charge by the hour or by the type of modification being done? How much is the deposit and how much do I owe upon completion of the wedding dress (LDS wedding gown)? How long will it take to alter my wedding dress? Do you have previous experience in tailoring LDS wedding gowns?

Avoid a seamstress that charges 100% of the fee up-front, because you'll lose everything if you're not satisfied with her work in the end. It's also best to bring in a sketch or pictures of the types of modifications you want, since verbal descriptions can sometimes lead to misunderstandings.

Realizing that you might be able to modify an immodest gown opens up your eyes to more possibilities when you shop for the perfect LDS wedding dress for your LDS wedding, but know that even the best tailors have their limitations. If you understand basic rules of modifications of LDS wedding gowns, you are in a good position to alter your way to the LDS wedding gown of your dreams.

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LDS Wedding Gowns Part One of Three (Modest Wedding Dresses) - Relationships - Weddings

LDS Wedding Gowns Part One of Three (Modest Wedding Dresses) Finding the Perfect Modest Wedding Dresses or LDS Wedding Gowns- Part I of Three

How to Choose an LDS Wedding Gowns or Modest Wedding Dresses

If you've set foot inside of a formalwear department store or a nationwide bridal retailer lately, you know how difficult it is to find wedding and bridesmaids gowns that come anywhere close to satisfying Latter-day Saint standards of modesty for LDS wedding gowns. LDS brides need to eliminate a lot of dresses from the running at first glance. So how do they select the best one from the remaining acceptable choices?

Contrary to what a lot of fashion designers seem to think, there are thousands of flattering styles and designs of modest gowns for brides and bridesmaids. It all depends on your budget, your wedding colors and theme, and of course your body type. Learn which LDS wedding dresses fit you best and how to find a gown that is both modest and stylish. Then pair them with just the right veil, shoes, and accessories to wrap it all together.

Where to Find Modest Wedding Dresses (especially LDS Wedding Gowns)Even in the dead of winter, it's truly difficult to find even one modest dress in the formalwear or bridal section of most retailers. Most women's formalwear is strapless or backless with a plunging neckline. The irony is that dresses with a little more coverage are actually more flattering for the majority of body types out there! Regardless of whether or not it makes sense, the fact is that any bride is going to have a difficult time finding a modest bridal gown -so she might as well know what to do about the situation.

Mormon Wedding Specialty StoresLDS brides who live in areas with a large concentration of other Latter-day Saints usually have an easier time finding dresses that suit them for their Mormon wedding. Specialty LDS weddings retailers cater solely to Mormon brides who don't want to bend their standards of modesty for their LDS wedding day. Even brides who don't live in Utah often make a special dress-shopping trip to Provo or Salt Lake City, including the travel cost in their budget to select form the various LDS wedding gowns.

Online Formalwear RetailersEven if you live in an area with little modest selection and don't want to travel, you're not completely out of luck. The Internet can be your best friend in shopping for modest wedding gowns and bridesmaid's dresses. LDS specialty stores may physically reside in Utah and Idaho, but they have an online presence everywhere in the world. Regular formalwear stores also have a larger selection online than you see in the showroom, so you may want to check those out, too.

Chain Formal and Bridal StoresDon't discount the possibility of finding a dress at a non-LDS formalwear or bridal store. You may luck out and fall in love with a modest wedding gown that they carry, or you may find a gown that can be altered for modesty by adding sleeves or a chemise underneath. Talk to the salespeople about your needs and see if they can help you. It may be that they carry "less popular" dresses with sleeves in the warehouse and just need to order them in your size.

LDS Wedding Gowns that are Temple Ready Wedding DressesEven if the wedding gown you ultimately select is modest, it still might not be "temple ready." A dress that can be appropriately worn inside the temple for the sealing ceremony is: White Long-sleeved Floor-length High necked (no collarbone showing) No trainIf you don't want to wear a long-sleeved wedding dress, don't panic. You can always wear a dickie or faux sleeve inserts provided by the temple underneath your dress for the sealing, or you might opt to change into a plain white temple dress for the sealing. Brides without a temple ready dress can still get married in the temple, and have lots of options for what to wear during the sealing ceremony.Temple ready rules only apply to the bride's dress. The wedding party is not a part of the temple sealing ceremony. If the bridesmaids will be attending the sealing, they will be attending only as guests, wearing either their bridesmaid's dress or changing into their "Su nday best" for the ceremony.

Setting a LDS Wedding Gown BudgetOn average, brides who shop retail stores and buy an off-the-rack dress can expect to spend between $500 and $1,000. Wedding gowns of all different styles and cuts have an enormous variation in pricing, though: brides could get lucky and find a dress for less than $100, but you can easily spend as much as $4,700 or more!

It's normal to feel overwhelmed by sticker shock the first time you browse a selection of wedding dresses and check the price tags. It can be hard to part with so much hard-earned money for a dress that you'll probably only wear for 8 hours of your life! But remember that you will only have one wedding dress, and you will be seeing it in your wedding pictures for the rest of your life. If finances allow, you shouldn't feel guilty about splurging on this special once-of-a-lifetime expense.

If you've gone over your finances and still feel nervous about taking on the cost of a wedding dress, seriously consider money-saving wedding dress tips like renting a gown or buying a pre-owned dress. Traditionally, the bridesmaids pay for their own dress, shoes, and hair.

Please see LDS Wedding Gowns (Modest Wedding Dresses)Parts II and III

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LDS Wedding Gowns - How to find the Perfect Modest Wedding Dress for LDS Weddings Their Shapes and Styles- Part II of Three - Relationships - Weddings

How to find the Perfect LDS Wedding Gowns for LDS Weddings - Their Shapes and Styles- Part II of Three LDS Wedding Gowns can be beautiful and modest!

The selection of LDS Wedding Gowns or just Modest Wedding Dresses requires some specific knowledge about their Shapes and Styles. This article provides important information for the bride which will save her time, money, and some of the hassle of finding he perfect beautiful and elegant, yet modest wedding dress or modest wedding gown.

LDS Wedding Gowns and Styles for LDS Weddings

Flip through any bridal magazine or browse through any bridal wear store, and youll see that there is an amazing amount of variation on the classic white bridal dress. In general, wedding dresses (LDS wedding gowns or just wedding dresses)come in five basic cuts: A-line or princess Ball gown Empire waist Mermaid shape Sheath or column

Before even going to browse wedding dresses, its probably a good idea to familiarize yourself with the five basic dress shapes and which ones are the most flattering for your body type. Doing so will save you a lot of time and frustration.

For example, if you have a large bustline that you dont want to draw attention to, dont waste time trying on empire waist dresses that will do nothing but emphasize your bust. If your problem is that you are very short-waisted, dont bother trying on ball gown-style wedding dresses that will make your figure appear short and choppy.

LDS Wedding Gowns their Necklines, Sleeves, and Skirts for LDS Weddings

Apart from the basic cut of your wedding dress, there is a lot more to consider. Lots of factors influence the appearance and fit of the dress, including color, neckline, sleeve type, and skirt length.

LDS Wedding Gowns Color

Of course, the most traditional color for LDS brides is one of the hundreds of shades of white. In recent years, however, many brides have been experimenting with color in their weddings.

Some may choose a two-toned ivory and white dress, or even ivory and beige. Others might go with a classic white wedding gown with a splash of bold color to tie into the rest of their wedding, like a brightly-colored band tied around the waist.

Feel free to experiment with color, but remember that temple dresses must be white, so if you plan to wear your wedding dress for the temple sealing let that guide your decision.

LDS Wedding Gowns (LDS Temple worthy) Dress Neckline for LDS Weddings

If you thought you saw lots of variation in the basic cut and shape of a wedding dress, then think again: there is even more variety in the style of neckline.

The shape and configuration of the dresss neckline will be very prominent, as every eye will of course be trained on the face of the lovely bride and consequently, the neckline. There are seven basic necklines for LDS wedding gowns: V-neck Sweetheart Square neck Boat neck or slot neck Scoop neck Surplice Jewel

The neckline of your wedding dress should flatter your facial features, just as the cut of your dress should complement your body type. Round faces can be balanced with angular necklines, and more angular faces with rounded necklines, for instance. There are flattering necklines for every face shape as far as wedding dresses are concerned.

LDS wedding gown Sleeve Type

Even though LDS standards of modesty for LDS wedding gowns precludes some very popular types of wedding gowns like tube top, halter, and spaghetti strap dresses it doesnt mean you need to sacrifice style on your wedding day.There are so many stylish sleeve options for Mormon brides, including: Cap sleeve Short sleeve 3/4 Length sleeve Long sleeve Juliette Puff Butterfly Bell Bishop Poet Raglan

As is the case with necklines, some styles of sleeves flatter certain builds and bone structures better than others. So make sure you know what sleeve type and length to choose for your body type before deciding on your wedding dress.

LDS wedding gowns Skirt Length

Though the traditional Mormon modest wedding dresses, or LDS wedding gowns, are all full-length that is, touching the tops of your shoes there is a great deal of choice in skirt length for modern wedding dresses.

Depending on the cut and style of the dress, wedding dress skirts can be almost any length. Some of the most popular choices are: Knee length comes just to the knees Intermission falls just below the knees Tea length falls a few inches below the knee Ballerina comes to just above the ankle Ankle length hem is right at the ankles Hi-Lo dress is hemmed higher in the front than in the back Full-length traditional look that drapes almost to the floor

Other considerations for wedding dress skirts is whether you want to add extras like tails or a bustle on the back for a little something special. It really depends on the style of dress you prefer and of course, your budget extra adornments on your dress will obviously cost more.

LDS Wedding Gowns Veil Length

Most Mormon brides focus on the dress in their planning, and then shop for a matching veil almost as an afterthought, but there is actually a lot more to wedding veil selection than meets the eye.Though a veil can technically be any length, retailers usually divide wedding veils into three general categories: Elbow length Fingertip length Cathedral length

Veils also come in one-tier or two-tier varieties, and can be attached with a comb inserted in the hair or to a tiara or headband. Certain types and lengths of veils look better with some gowns (and hairstyles) than others, so make sure to know which veil fits your wedding dress best before ordering anything.

We hope you found this information and all the details about modest wedding dresses and how to select the right wedding gown for you!

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Please see Part I and III of this three Part series on LDS Wedding Gowns

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How can Wedding Planner App Helps In Your Wedding - Relationships - Weddings

Are you trying to get everything together to make your big wedding day as special as it can be? There are people that can help you think of every little detail that you are too excited to remember. These people are called wedding planners. The wedding planner is their profession to make sure that you have the best wedding experience possible.

Wedding planners can help you plan everything from the invitations, to the car you leave for your honeymoon in. There will be no detail left unaccounted for by these people. It is their profession and their passion to take care of you until you are jumping out of your skin with excitement. This is supposed to be the day for you to shine. Your big moment is what they are focused on most and work hard to take care of you as you should be taken care of.

The planner can come to your house with inspirational pictures and plans that might fit your needs. You can discuss with them all of your wildest dreams for your wedding and make a budget so the planner can make suggestions and show you examples of work they have done before until you find all of the perfect thinks to make up your perfect wedding.

The wedding planner will take care of all the paper invitations for you, decide the menu and the style of service with you and the catering, discuss the flowers with the florist, and help you with the cake tasting before you decide on the perfect piece. They can even help you pick a band or a DJ for the wedding service.

Wedding planner can show you videos of other weddings and suggest things in each or ideas from each to get more of a feel what you are looking for. The reception site, the wedding cake, the florist, the gown, the photographer, the caterer and all the decorations are going to be taken care of perfectly for your satisfaction.

The photographer is take care of the wedding photos, the portraits, the couple photos, and even the videos and wedding albums that you will hold for memories after the wedding is over. Above all important planning can do even single app to manage a complete wedding ceremony. Actually a wedding planner app is ensure all help to guide easily for a perfect wedding. the planner make sure to looking a best app to choose a wedding app in your special day. You will be feeling like a star by the time everything is all said and done. You can count on a wedding app to ensure you will be happy about your special day and you will feel confident about it for the rest of your life.

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Filipino Cuisine - A Different Appetizing Experience - Food - Restaurant Reviews

Filipino cuisine is actually a scrumptious great flavor along with the influences of the Americans, Spanish, Chinese and Asian blends. Most Filipino people are competent in cooking some of the finest cuisines, mixed with added creativities and a few list of ingredients to prepare usual dishes having their unique signature style of food preparation.Filipinos admire watching other family members cook as well as take part in cooking conventional dishes. Filipinos even bring their particular know-how even on other countries around the world. You will discover some essential rules to master when preparing a handful of the sought after Philippine dishes.Filipinos are recognized for their hospitality specifically when welcoming their visitors on their houses. These people appreciate revealing their cooking experience with other people and attract them to travel to the Philippines in order to experience the special meals served in countless dining places and cafes across the count ry. The good thing is, even within the U.S., individuals can head to a place that provides delightful Filipino foods known as the Pinoy Cuisine, which serves a couple of the ideal Philippine cuisine in this article.* AdoboThe world well-known Filipino dish adobo, knowing how to cook this dish is important for Filipinos specifically those Filipinos are living in abroad. The procedure is quick by just marinating the chicken or even pork softly with blend of soy sauce, vinegar, crushed garlic, bay leaf and pepper till it tender. Later on it's cooked properly and slowly pan-fried as a way to acquire the delicious crispy flavor.* LechonLechon is definitely a conventional menu for each Filipino occasion. It's a suckling roasted pig grilled over live hot coals right until the whole skin will become juicy and crispy. Lechon is served with sauce or gravy made from the pig's liver organ. This dish is usually dished up as the main attraction especially during functions such as wedding ceremonies, birthdays or even corporate gatherings.* Grilled SeafoodPinoy enjoy grilled foodstuffs. The grilling of seafoods as well as meats are basic and won't demand extravagant ingredients when it comes to marinating. One finest Filipino cuisine is the grilled milkfish or whole calamari. It's then filled with tomatoes, onions, pepper and salt before sewing them up utilizing kitchen twine. Next, grill them over the griller and serve hot to make sure you appreciate the delectable taste mixed with boiled vegetables at the same time.* BulaloMaybe it is one of the finest served dishes when visiting your preferred Filipino fine dining as well. Bulalo is actually a beef stew with the beef bone marrow. The bone marrow incredibly taste good specifically the hot soup that may be eaten combined with the favorite rice. It includes complete veggies such as potatoes, cabbage and string beans.Virtually all talks of Filipino cuisine foods create them delectable. Keep in mind; try headin g to a couple of the perfect spots away from Philippines including Pinoy Cuisine in Atlanta in order to experience a taste of these luscious recipes.

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